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Why buy from us?

Synced with your weather and conditions. All of our buildings are custom designed and engineered to meet the specific wind and snow loading of your geographic area.

Our foundation engineering could save you up to $1,500. This is virtually exclusive with QuickSteel Buildings. You will also receive stamped engineered drawings for both the building and foundation specific to your location. Our engineers are licensed in all 50 states.

A complete kit. The building shell kits we sell come complete with all materials and hardware—down to every nut and bolt needed to erect the main structure. We even supply anchor bolts, a plus no competitor offers. The roof and wall siding as well as window and door trim are also included. Floor plans for our kits are not supplied because every building is custom designed and engineered.

More usable space. Our structures are completely self-supporting. That means none of the interior walls will be load bearing. The benefit to you? A clear span design eliminates trusses so you get maximum usable space. In fact, you get more usable space than other building types of identical footprint.

Do-it-yourself simplicity. Although our building kits are designed for do-it-yourself assembly, you may choose to hire a local licensed contractor to erect your building. If you assemble it, we offer construction videos, a construction package specific to your building, instruction manuals and the engineering plans to build it.

American made. All materials are made in America by American workers and companies.

Quicken Steel