You can save time and money on using a steel building for your next building project. Consumers, owners, and investors alike have found that building with steel is at a fraction of the time and money invested in a conventional building system.

The selection of the proper parcel of land is instrumental in beginning the cost savings process. The selection and preparation of the land can be done for less money. Steel buildings can be adapted to land choices that may not allow for more traditional building methods and materials. The site preparation for a steel building can be minimal when compared to the expensive excavations sometimes required with conventional building processes. Sturdy I-Beam steel buildings have not ìsetî sizes like some other forms of construction and can easily be adapted to any lot size requirements prior to shipping. Building code restrictions may impede construction with other materials, but steel buildings in the 21st century have evolved with state-of-the-art options to pass even the toughest regulations. Most steel building companies assist in two ways to help with the code situations. They employ building specialists who have experience with code situations nationwide and can suggest solutions. Engineering staffs are also employed to make sure the building is pre-fabricated and engineered to the exact coding requirements. In many instances a steel building will even exceed code regulations.

Although some locations and uses for steel buildings do not require a foundation it is strongly recommended that a foundation be utilized with any steel building. Weather and building design requirements have a big impact on the necessity of a foundation. Concrete slab estimates will range anywhere  between $4 and $8 a square foot for materials and professional labor and materials in the United States. This can save maintenance costs and structural problems down the road when compared with other construction styles that do not utilize a foundation.

The construction of wood, brick, and masonry buildings incurs high labor costs when compared to steel building construction. Steel buildings simply bolt together as compared to other construction methods which are basically custom fitted and expensive.

The new technologies in metallurgy make steel the stronger building material. These structures are virtually maintenance free and the inherent strength and durability of steel allows companies to offer 20, 30 or even 50 year warranties on their structures.

Given land and foundation costs for a traditional building are similar, a steel building is going to save you money over this type of construction. Materials and labor savings can add up to a 50% savings. The price per square foot for a steel building can be at a fraction of that of a conventional structure.

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