Last year in 2017, there was over 1600 million tonnes of crude steel produced worldwide. That number has climbed aggressively since 2010.

These days, metal buildings are being used all over the world in a lot of new and exciting ways. Steel is a versatile and sustainable building material that has an almost innumerable number of applications.

Read on for our list of top 7 steel building designs.

1. Steel Sports Facilities

A multipurpose steel building as a sports facility opens up a host of possibilities.

Inside of these metal buildings, you can house a large, fully-equipped sports complex. A sports facility may include things such as an Olympic-sized pool, locker rooms, sports courts, and movable audience seating.

One of the best things about the large, open space made possible by a steel building is that you can maintain maximum flexibility by using movable internal walls.

You can also divide your space in an unlimited number of ways due to the fact that none of the internal walls are required to be load-bearing in a clear-span building.

Multifunction sports facilities can also host various, non-sports events throughout the year, such as conventions, car shows, band performances, and speaking engagements. Having a large steel sports facility lets you have options both now and in the future for growth and development.

2. Agricultural Steel Buildings

There are dozens of uses for steel buildings in agriculture. You can store feed, shelter animals, and protect farm equipment in durable steel structures.

Most steel buildings have no need for internal columns for support, which means you won’t have to worry about damaging a structural part of the building as you move your equipment around.

Wood-construction buildings are not ideal for animals since rot, fungi, and insects can all be health risks for your animals. A steel agricultural building reduces or eliminates these risks completely.

Also, steel buildings are energy efficient, and there are multiple types of insulation options to choose from. So if you need to heat your building to keep your animals safe during winter, an insulated steel building makes a great choice.

Having a large, open space means you can create stalls, feed storage and exercise areas all inside one large steel building. You can easily add a tack room too. This way means you can have everything you need in one accessible place.

3. Construction Security Office

A great use for a prefabricated steel building is a construction security office.

Somewhere between $300 million and $1 billion worth of construction equipment is stolen annually in the US.

A prefabricated steel security office is an unobtrusive structure that can monitor the vehicles that enter and exit the premises. Especially at night, this type of steel structure can save a company thousands of dollars from stolen equipment.

Moving construction sites? No problem. These prefab buildings can be picked up and dropped off at the new location.

4. Gated Community Security Office

About 40% of new builds in California are in gated communities. Nationally, the number of homes that are in gated communities is over 4 million.

Having a prefabricated security office at the entrance of these communities makes a lot of sense. These structures are simple and small. A security officer typically just needs a desk, a chair, a phone, and protection from the elements.

The cost for a steel security office in front of a gated community is negligible, especially considering the resulting increased value of the properties.

5. Garage or Workshop

There are various benefits to having a detached garage on your property. For one thing, it is easier to add to a home than if you wanted to attach it to the house.

Second, you have more design options with a freestanding structure. A steel garage or workshop is a great investment in you are looking for a durable, strong structure to house your vehicles or power tools.

Steel buildings can withstand high winds, heavy snow, and sheets of rain. No matter what you want to to use the extra space for, your possessions will be safe there.

If your home is in need of space for a craft room or a home gym, it can cost thousands of dollars to renovate your home to add a new room. Especially if your renovations impact support beams or exterior walls.

On the other hand, adding a freestanding workshop or garage could cost you a fraction of the cost, and save you a headache and the mess of an interior renovation.

Best of all, the garage or workshop you build can evolve over time. What is now a room for storage space could turn into a man cave once the kids move out.

6. Shareable Office Space

In our digital age, there are more and more entrepreneurs and freelancers than ever before. And with advances in technology, more people are able to work remotely without needing to commute to work.

A steel building equipped with washrooms, a kitchen and reliable internet would be great for people looking to rent-share office space. Add a boardroom, and businesses could rent the space for a few hours to conduct their meetings.

3D printing has become more popular in recent years. A steel office space could be a great location for someone to operate their 3D printers, or to store parts or products.

7. Residential Homes Made of Steel

When you think steel building, a picture of a family home isn’t the first picture that pops into your mind. Yet, more and more people are using pre-engineered steel building as a home.

Usually, they work out to be less expensive to construct. This means that you can afford a much more spacious home than you could with traditional construction.

Also, steel buildings require less maintenance, which also means more money in your pocket.

Best of all, there is a multitude of finishing options and designs available, so your home can look exactly how you like it. Lots of things that are impractical (and too expensive) in traditional home architecture are no problem when building with steel.

Check out our residential steel home gallery and imagine the possibilities.

Final Thoughts on Steel Building Designs

We hope you have learned a lot about steel building designs and their multiple uses.

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